The demoing is proceeding as planned, we have recorded some "special" vocals for some certain songs to add the extra spice to the ambience. Vocalrecordings overall will commence next week along with the last demosynthwritings.

Our third podcast episode with Mathias Lillmåns will be released next week! It will feature lots of interesting storys and some overall debauchery!

As the cherry on the top of this report I'll tell you of a great gig we saw on saturday at Black Sheep pub with Festerday! Festerday is Pietarsaari's oldest extreme metalband. Their last gig before yesterday was 23 years ago so it was quite a priviledge to see it. They released their new album along with the concert so give it a check, a must for anyone who likes some old school "dödis"!

The ignorant are blinded by fears, cheers!

Col. Johansson