This week has been quite a stressful one with demoing new songs and other recordings. Our friends from IAMSIN are recording their first EP in a studio in Nykarleby. I myself was on site to assist with the guitarrecordings and we got a really nice and brutal sounding wall of guitars!

On the Nighonfront we have completed some new demo-synths for the new songs and we have started writing lyrics for the new album (in matter of fact that's what I'm doing at the moment besides this report!). We are also working on a new lyric-video which will be exciting to release!

We have also released today our second episode of our podcast (Nighon Propagandacast) on itunes and youtube. Our guest was this time Jukki Finnholm, a musician and a technician with a lot of experience in ambient and metal music, go and check it out!

The preparations for this summer's activities are also well on-going and we will soon announce our plans (mohaha!).

That concludes my report, until next time! Take care!

Col. Johansson


Mika and Mathias at KRS Music Studio in Nykarleby.

Mika and Mathias at KRS Music Studio in Nykarleby.